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Eitr’s Take on Norse Myth Can’t Come Soon Enough

If you thought Kratos and Boy were the only ones taking you on a romp through Norse mythology this year, you were wrong. Eitr, developed by Eneme Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital, is a beautifully pixelated nightmare available only on PS4 and Steam. If hulking dark lords, mist laden dungeons, and red-headed shield maidens are your thing, then be happy. Eitr has been in development for a few years now, but is set to release sometime in 2018.

In Eitr, you play as the Shield Maiden, a mortal whose fate has been meddled with by that notorious meddler of fates, Loki. Over on Devolver Digital’s page for the game, the info we get lets us know we’re in for a little more education on Norse mythology too, in case you haven’t gotten your fill after listening Mimir while cruising around the Lake of Nine. I’m not complaining though, I think the Norse setting is still ripe for more implementation in games. It offers enough familiarity for most people, with names like Loki, Thor, and Odin, but enough oddity to be considered strange or even dark. I’m glad Eitr is offering us the chance to explore more of that.

From what we’ve see of the gameplay, Eitr kind of looks like Dark Souls with a retro, Diablo-esque spin. There’s apparently lots of loot, lots of dungeon crawling, and lots of death. It’s got what looks to be quick-response sword and shield combat for players to dodge and slice their way through the Nine Worlds. Hopefully we’ll get more info about it June 10th during Devolver Digital’s Big Fancy Press Conference

If I’m being honest though, the DiabloSouls feel is awesome and the Norse setting is great, but just the art style of Eitr alone is enough to pull me in. That’s actually par for the course with Devolver’s lineup. But, where other Devolver games like Downwell and Hotline Miami have that retro style I would describe as minimal (literally something straight from SNES or earlier), Eitr is that type of “retro” glory that could be birthed only in the current generation. Too beautiful to have come from a previous age. It’s a great time to be alive.

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