Devolver Digital’s 2018 Big Fancy Press Conference

This morning, indie game publisher Devolver Digital announced that they would once again be holding a “conference” at E3. It’s scheduled for Sunday, June 10th, and even though a press release states that Devolver will feature “real, actual game reveals,” we’re likely in for the same insane production that we got last year. In case you missed it, give it a watch below.

Devolver will likely to put on another bloody show just like last year. For one, the event will take place at the Dave Lang Memorial Convention Center, which is the same fictional venue as last year’s event. Another clue is that the new content to be shown was created by “Devolver Labs,” who apparently is responsible for most of the deadly satirical “innovations” revealed in 2017.

Honestly, Devolver Digital’s 2017 E3 event was a brilliant piece of satire. It addressed well-known issues within the gaming industry in a darkly comic act. The concepts of early access, games solely for profit, and even giant gaming conferences themselves were all thoroughly roasted. They only showed actual games briefly during the show, choosing instead to focus on making a statement about what Devolver Digital clearly thinks of as toxic industry practices. The whole thing is done in a Cronenberg-esque fashion, which only added to the appeal.

Who knows if they’ll pull off the same kind of magic as last year, but I’m sure we’ll see at least a couple games. They prominently displayed Serious Sam and Ruiner last year, but also threw in some fleeting images of other games. If you pay attention during the climax, you can actually get glimpses of The Swords of Ditto, which I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately, and also Ape Out, which isn’t out yet. Personally, I’m hoping to see some gameplay of Eitr, which is scheduled for a 2018 release as well. Whatever we see, I’m sure it will both impress and surprise. 

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