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Get Pumped with The Weatherman’s Synthwave Soundtrack

Image Comics, I’ve said a thousand times, produces the best comics. They pump out the highest quality creator-owned projects out there, and The Weatherman is kinda looking to be the latest and greatest. In case you aren’t hyped yet, take a listen to the first track on the synthwave soundtrack inspired by the upcoming comic. Mmm, pulsating sci-fi epicness!

The Weatherman is an upcoming comic by Jody Leheup and Nathan fox, and it’s so up my alley it’s not even funny. The story follows Nathan Bright, “the #1 weatherman on Mars,” as he flees across the galaxy after being accused of a terrorist attack which wiped out Earth’s entire population. The catch is that Nathan doesn’t remember if he did it or not. Image describes the comic as “a full-throttle, wide-screen, science fiction epic about the damage we do in the name of justice and what it truly means to be redeemed.”

First off, The Weatherman is already gonna be great simply because Jody Leheup is penning it, and his work on Shirtless Bear Fighter was amazing. We’ve also got Nathan Fox heading up the art, and while I’m not incredibly familiar with his work (a quick search brings up some very awesome artwork!), he’s already blowing us away with the standard cover to The Weatherman #1. To flesh out the pages, we’ve got colorist Dave Stewart on board. He’s worked on Hellboy. ‘Nuff said.

Having Magic Sword curate a synthwave soundtrack to a comic is such an amazing idea. We only get the one song for now—Magic Sword’s “Colossus”—and the next song will release the same day as The Weatherman #1, June 13th. No word yet on if the tracks releases will coincide with the rest of the comic’s release schedule or not. In my mind, that wouldn’t be a bad idea, and it would add a new layer to each issue in a new and interesting way. Look for a review on The Weatherman #1 soon.

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