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The Witcher Library Edition is Impressive

As if the looming Witcher Netflix series isn’t enough to hype every single one of us, Dark Horse Comics is releasing The Witcher Library Edition. It collects everything Dark Horse has produced in the realm of Geralt, as well as one-shots, and, of course, a gathering of sketches in the back. If the Hellboy Library Editions are any indication, then this Witcher volume will be just as beautiful as Geralt’s grizzled mug. Preorder it now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local comic shop. The Witcher Library Edition will release October 24th.

The Witcher Library Edition will have a whopping 440 pages of Geralt goodness and comes in at $49.99. The series is written by Paul Tobin, with art by John Querio. They’ve both produced quality books throughout the years, with Tobin working mainly on licensed projects, like Prometheus, but who is also an Eisner award winner. Querio’s work at Dark Horse, however, has had him working mostly on The Witcher‘s various installments, and also the amazing BPRD: Hell on Earth, from the Hellboy universe.

Speaking of Hellboy, you may notice that the cover to The Witcher Library Edition features a familiar art style. That’s because the produced was drawn by Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola. I’ll say that, while yes, this cover was previously available for the TPB for the first volume of comic series, it will be much more amazing on the oversized, hardback cover of the Library Edition. It’s not something I ever would have expected, but the mash-up of Mignola’s art style and the CD Projekt Red’s universe almost seems meant to be, especially when considering that various monster lore in Geralt’s world. Considering the joy that receiving the Hellboy Library Editions brought me and my family (my daughter and I read them together frequently), then this upcoming collection will warrant a special place on the shelf.

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