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Galaxial #1: Freak or God is Borderlands Meets Fallout

If you’re a fan of frozen wastelands, minimal fiction, and great art, then Galaxial #1: Freak or God is something you should check out. Creators Kevin Parent and Rob Cannon have recently popped this wonderful little gem onto Kickstarter, and with 14 days still to go, it’s already surpassed its funding goal three times over. From the sample pages we get on the Kickstarter project page, the art looks great, the story looks minimal, and the action looks plentiful. 

Galaxial is described by Kevin Parent, the writer, as “Fallout meets Borderlands in a world 100% made of Snow, Ice, and Weirdos.” It’s a great idea, and artist Rob Cannon has brought the pages to life by creating a super stylized world. Backing closes in 14 days, and some limited quantity higher tiers have already sold out. The basic tiers, which simply get you the book in print form, will only run you about $8 in the US, and there’s plenty of covers to choose from at that price point.

Apparently, this first issue of Galaxial will focus on the characters Kralex and Doug as they confront each other in the frozen landscape. Kralex appears to be an impish sword-wielding character with the number 28 branded on his head. Doug is Kralex’s hulking, armored, gun-toting rival. I’m not sure who is the “freak” and who is the “god” in this scenario, but I like that the characters are drastically different in both size and concept. We’ve been given a few sample pages on the project page, and I’m loving the gritty, water-colored technique, but it’s also clear that this “rivalry” between the two of them is the main focus of the book. 

There’s no telling if there is an underlying theme in the book about survival in the frozen ice-lands, or uncovering some sort of bigger plot, but I’m totally okay with a minimal exploration of two characters going at each other. Definitely backing this one.

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