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West of Loathing Release Date for Nintendo Switch

Lovers of wild west comedy RPGs rejoice! West of Loathing, the incredibly well-received 2017 indie game for PC is finally coming to Nintendo Switch May 31st. If you haven’t played the game yet, there is no better time to jump on it. So many great indie titles (as well as some big AAA titles) are making their way onto Switch, and this is just one example of the trend. Here’s to blowing up demonic cows and slapping skeletons in the crotch with snakes, all from the comfort of your little handheld world.

West of Loathing, from developer Asymmetric Publications, is a game that is equal parts ridiculous and amazing. There’s this little sub-genre of RPG games out there that do this so well, and West of Loathing is one of them. It also has so much charm in its little stick-drawn, black and white world. It’s games like this, that take an idea and run with it, allowing anything to happen as long as it fits aesthetically, that I really appreciate. It just proves that the lesson don’t take yourself too seriously when dealing with a creative project really pays off, and actually allows you to make something truly unique and inspiring.

I personally don’t take my Switch very far away from the home, but I do love taking it outside, or even to bed, carrying a little magic with me in the form of a nice little indie game. It actually adds something to the experience, and I can’t wait to do that with West of Loathing. More and more, it seems like games like this are what the Switch was made for. Something charming, small, and indie that can be enjoyed outside of the the big-screen experience. It makes it even more worthwhile when it’s a game that can’t be found on other consoles, but only previously on Steam, and given the reviews of West of Loathing on that platform, I’m betting that the Switch port will be ranking pretty high for downloads next month.

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