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Battlepug: Compugdium Coming to Image Comics

Image Comics has announced that they will publish the entire five-volume collection of Battlepug, a seriously epic webcomic by Mike Norton. It’s a story about a naked woman telling a story to two talking dogs, and that story is about a beefy, vengeful warrior and his giant, goofy-eyed pug. Heh, comics.

“This is the first book I ever wrote and drew myself, so it’s very special to me and I’m can’t wait to see it all together as the Compugdium for the first time!” – Norton

Sure, you can read Battlepug in its entirety here on the internet, but that’s the beauty of webcomics: even though you can enjoy them for free, if they’re good enough, you’ll pay for them in print. And while you can find Battlepug on Amazon in its separate volumes, being able to score the whole thing in one whopping tome is something to be excited for.

I have a deep fondness for webcomics. They’re often labors of love for the creators, and sometimes, they’re jumping-off points to a career in the business. A lot of worthy webcomics find their way to print via Kickstarter, but sometimes, they get picked up by an awesome creator-owned publisher like Image Comics. Mike Norton is no startup by any means—he’s been in the comic business since the early 2000s—but it’s still great to see work go from digital to print, especially in a tome such as the Battlepug: Compugdium.

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