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Get a Taste of NAIRI: Tower of Shirin Early!

HomeBearStudio has been hard at work on their successful Kickstarter, NAIRI: Tower of Shirin, and players can finally get a taste of all the “pointy and clicky” fun to be had! Earlier today, the indie developer announced the release of the demo along with a brand new teaser trailer.

NAIRI is a point-and-click adventure game with adorable, furry companions and a girl looking to return home. Here is a more in-depth synopsis:

Nairi’s storyline is about a young woman from the rich district of Shirin, the oasis city where the game takes place. A sudden incident forces her to abandon her rich, sheltered life, and she ends up in the seedy lower district of the city ruled by ruthless gangs. One of Nairi’s prime objectives is to find her way home after she escapes the clutches of her captors but this will be fraught with many smaller objectives and tasks and of course bigger dangers.

Exploring a dungeon to seek out objects that will be invaluable along the journey, finding a smuggler to impart much need information, aiding another character who would need your help, etc. are all part of the bigger plan which has been seamlessly and intuitively crafted by the development team.


If you’re as excited about NAIRI: Tower of Shirin as we are, you can grab your own copy of the demo today! The publisher, Another Indie, has invited fans to join their Discord channel to request a copy of the Steam code.

I have been keeping an eye on NAIRI ever since they successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign back in 2016. And I can’t wait to check out the demo! It will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch, but an official release date has yet to be announced. Don’t fret; their Steam page says it will be coming soon!

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