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A Mystery Science Theater 3000 Comic You Say?

As an only child, there was always something special about late night TV. When everyone else in the house was asleep, it felt like every amazing thing I stumbled upon was meant only for me. That was certainly true for Mystery Science Theater 3000. I lived for that show. When they put a selection of the old episodes on Netflix, I relived each one of them. When they rebooted the show with Jonah Ray and Patton Oswald, I freaked. And now you’re telling me there’s gonna be a MST3K comic and the show’s cast is going to riff on terrible public domain comics? This is too much.


Mystery Science Theater 300, The Comic will be a six issue run, with the first issue going on sale September 9, and available for preorder now at comic shops. The premise is that the whole crew from the show will be “thrust into the 2-D world of public domain comics” and will obviously be “riffing” their way through them. Joel Hodgson, series creator of the show, is also behind the creation of the comic, so it’s in good hands. 

There will also be a variant cover for the first issue, and if you’re a fan of the show, it might be the one to get your hands on. It’s created by Steve Vance, who’s had a hand in creating some MST3K DVD art along the way. 

I’m personally pumped for this comic, and I can’t wait to read through the public domain comics are that the crew will be riffing. Obviously there will be nothing from popular modern publishers (although I have a few old Marvel and DC comics that are quite worthy of tearing apart), but we can see from the cover that characters are holding some comics, and I’ll bet they will be the focus of the issues. There is one called Black Cat, another called Teen Reporter, and finally one titled Horrific. I’ve never heard of these, but we can obviously look them up now and get a taste of things to come since they are in the public domain. Gotta love the internet.

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