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The World is Your Billiards Table in Pool Panic

Adult Swim Games latest title, Pool Panic, just got a release date on Switch and PC. The game will be available on July 19 and promises over 100 single player levels and a bunch of multiplayer stages. I’ve watched this release date announcement trailer a few times now. The only thing I’m really sure about at this point is that the game involves walking billiards balls and will be great. 

Pool Panic is being marketed as the “least realistic pool simulator,” so expect more of a quirky puzzle game than an actual billiards challenge. Players assume the role of a cue ball, exploring the world causing mischief. Don’t expect to only “play pool” though, because the various terrain you cross—deserts, jungles, carnivals—will feature tons of other things, like mini-golf, winter and summer sports, motorcycle gangs, and zombies. 

The magic of an Adult Swim Games release always lies in the one novel idea done to the fullest, and Pool Panic looks to be the next release to embody that. Developer Rekim has worked on a bunch of interesting projects over the years (Gorillaz web games?), and this is the first console release. The art by London artist Angus Dick just oozes Adult Swim style, so Pool Panic should be as fun to look at as it will be to play.

I’m not sure if there will be a weaving story throughout Pool Panic or if it will simply just throw various puzzles, challenges, and bosses at you, but I’m sure the game will be enjoyable. Headlander, was actually one of 2016’s best little indie titles. It took the mechanic of head-rocketing from dancing robo-body to dancing robo-body, throwing players into a winding, metroidvania space adventure. That kind of ridiculous novelty is what sets games published by Adult Swim apart from other indies, keeping me coming back for more. 

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