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Gorgeous Sci-Fi Platforming in Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha, a game recently announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, just got a new gameplay trailer, and things are looking very pretty. The game is a fast-paced puzzle platformer set in a sci-fi universe, and players will have to run, push and leap their way across an alien planet in what looks like an intense game of “the floor is lava.”

The new trailer for Planet Alpha shows off a lot of beautiful environments within the game, complete with complex technological contraptions, ethereal flying species, and lava. There’s lots of lava on this planet, apparently.¬†Within the trailer, there’s no telling if you’ll get powerups or and kind of gadgets and skills that would allow you to progress through difficult areas, so it’s actually looking a little bare-bones right now. Hopefully it gets a little more complex than just running, pushing and jumping. There are promised “puzzle elements” to be solved, so hopefully that will add some depth to the platforming.

“The puzzle elements marry together with engaging fast-paced side-scrolling platforming sections, stealth mechanics and environment manipulation within a unique and beautiful art style…” – Planet Alpha Aps

One thing is for sure, though. The game certainly does look great graphically. The environments look gorgeous and colorfully hi-def, and the all of various species we get glimpses of in the trailer are beautifully imagined. I wouldn’t mind playing Planet Alpha simply to enjoy moving through the world, but hopefully there’s lots to discover and solve when I’m there.

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