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Yes. Bethesda Teased BOTH of The Things You’re Hoping For

As of right now, Bethesda holds the E3 crown, and they won’t give it up willingly. After showing the brightly explosive gameplay of Rage 2, the endless possibilities and adventures you can experience with your friends in Fallout 76, twice the Hell in Doom: Eternal, and the new modes of play available in Prey, the publishing giant still wasn’t done. Todd Howard ended the show by teasing their new sci-fi IP, Starfield, AND teased Elder Scrolls VI. Check out Starfield’s teaser trailer below!

And here is the tiniest teaser ever for Elder Scrolls VI. 

Have we calmed down enough to think rationally? Because I’m still trying to recover from the emotional shock from these back to back reveals. Now, Todd Howard made it very clear that both were meant for the next generation of consoles, but I think it’s enough to know they are actually in the works.

Starfield is the first big, new franchise from Bethesda in the last 25 years, and the game has been rumored since 2013 when they trademarked the name “Starfield.” But we have even less information on the newest Elder Scrolls game. As excited as I am about these two releases, at least I have Fallout 76 to distract me in November!

We’d love to hear your emotional stories of when you heard the news; so, share them with us in the comments below! Stay tuned to Level 3 News for more information as E3 continues.

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