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Fallout 76 is What Everyone Expected. Awesome.

Ever since Bethesda first teased Fallout 76 to the loyal masses, people have speculated that it probably wasn’t going to be “the next Fallout” in terms of major installments in the series. This was pretty obvious to begin with, since it isn’t titled “Fallout 5,” but the big question was, will it be an online game, and if so, when can we get our hands on it?!  November. This. Freaking. Year.

Watch Todd Howard’s entire Fallout 76 presentation below.

It was definitely a return to form for BE3. The show was literally packed with great news, but the big guns came out when Todd Howard took the stage. He had a TON of great bombs to drop after talking about Fallout 76, but lets focus on the wasteland for a second and recap some of the highlights that he shared.

For one, we know the scale of the game (four times bigger), and we also know now that there will only be a dozen or so other players on your server at any given time. That’s great and totally reflects the scarce wasteland, rather than an overly-populated MMO.

Players will be among the first Vault Dwellers to emerge hills of West Virginia, a place with comparatively lusher scenery than previous installments. When you start, it’s an event called “Reclamation Day,” where the vault dwellers venture out into the wasteland to reclaim society. You’ll go out of the vault alone, but you’ll run into other ex-vault dwellers soon enough, as well as a whole host of fresh, mutated beasts. Players can be totally hostile if they (or you) wish, but working together will probably be desirable since the wasteland is already full of enough problems.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to jump into Fallout 76 this November! Stay tuned to Level 3 News for more E3 2018 coverage throughout the conference!

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