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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Officially Revealed

If you’re a die hard fan of From Software‘s punishing games. I’ve personally always dreamed of how great it would be if they released a title a little more influence by Japanese myth and culture. Well, it’s finally coming true with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It looks like it will have some of the more speedy gameplay associated with Bloodborne, though with even more fast gameplay. In the trailer, we some awesome grappling hook action, too.

The art has that From Software grit that we’re accustomed to with the Souls series, but with an awesome, ancient Japan feel. We also get a glimpse at some of those sick bosses, too. Apparently we’ll be playing as a samurai warrior who has already died once, hence the title. There is a little more stealth involved in this than the previous From games, and I’m actually excited to see them branching out away from their usual formula. Unfortunately, we won’t get to play the game until 2019, but hey, that’s E3 for you.

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