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Tunic is a Cute and Difficult Link-Alike

One of the surprise indie hits during Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference was a title called Tunic. It features a wonderful little cute fox in a little green tunic using his little sharp sword to cut down grass and take on baddies. The game looks insanely cute and very polished. The blocky, geometric qualities of Tunic‘s landscape mix with a fast-paced combat, and it looks surprisingly difficult in relations to its overall cuteness. It’s also helping me coin a new term: Link-alike!

Check out the E3 trailer below.

There are some very obvious Zelda-like qualities on display here, both in gameplay and terrain. The character’s outfit looks a little derivative, too. I mean, I’d be lying I said this guy doesn’t look like a straight-up fox Link. That’s cool with me though, especially when you consider Phil Spencer’s comment about this game being developed by one single person. That’s pretty ambitious in and of itself, and for that developer to come out with a product as great looking as Tunic, that’s one hell of a good job. We can’t wait to get our hands on this game soon, but alas, there was no release date revealed.

Stay tuned to Level 3 News for more information as E3 continues!

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