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Beyond Good and Evil 2 is For You, By You

Last year, when Ubisoft featured that awesome Beyond Good and Evil 2 cinematic trailer, people freaked. I know because I was one of them. Yes, it was a teaser with no gameplay to be found, but it was so well done and full of life. This year, Ubisoft pretty much did the same thing with a new teaser, but they also showed some very brief pre-alpha gameplay to this prequel.

Oh yeah, and if you’re creative in any way, you can join the community at Hit Record to contribute to the game’s art and music via the Space Monkey Program. Also Joseph Gordon Levitt was there. So yeah, pretty crazy.

I was just seconds into this show and still 100% wished these Beyond Good & Evil 2 cinematic trailers to be made into a feature length film. I watched last year’s video tons of times, absolutely loving the characters emotions, and while this new video was a little less mind-blowing, it deserves a few viewings, too. The graphics of the gameplay were looking fantastic already. Apparently, the game will let you seamlessly roam while jumping from small to large scale environments. We got an extremely small glimpse at combat, too, but not enough to really

It’s also extremely cool that people can contribute their own stuff, and also it’s very collaborative and approved by the community (and likely the developers). Hit Record is a pretty legit organization, so don’t worry about flying through Ganesha and seeing a giant penis on a billboard.

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