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Our Favorite Trailers from Day 2 of E3

With the second day of E3’s conferences coming to a close, Microsoft, Bethesda, and Devolver Digital all had some pretty strong showings. From indies to well-developed series, there was something for everyone to get excited about. Especially us! So, here are some of our favorite trailers from E3 2018: Day 2!

Fallout 76 Details

I think it is fair to say, at least from those of us here at Level 3, that Bethesda totally stole the show! Their conference was fun and light-hearted, but, most importantly, they had tons of amazing news for fans. If we are detailing some of our favorite moments from Day 2, the details of Fallout 76 is definitely toward the top of the list. We’ll be honest; when Fallout 76 first teased a few weeks ago, we weren’t entirely sure what to think. But, we’re 100% sold; hook, line, and sinker. And we can play it this year?! Bethesda, take our money.

Rage 2 Gameplay

80’s rock band? Bandits with pink and blue mohawks? Badass weapons and cars? And even a hilarious plug for their Collector’s Edition? What wasn’t there to love about Rage 2’s gameplay trailer? The more we see of Rage 2, the more excited we get, and the more we wanna look for some exploding pink dust to decorate our houses with.

Halo Infinite Teaser

While the trailer didn’t show much, we’re so ready to be back in the world of Halo. We expect some pretty big changes to the franchise in regards to gameplay with this one for sure.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Reveal and Gameplay

We’ve been impatiently waiting for the next From Software game for awhile, and while we thought we wanted Bloodborne 2, turns out we actually wanted Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This was such an awesome announcement for Souls fans, who are rarely awarded the pleasure of such things. It’s like From Software played Nioh, and then said screw Nioh.

Cyberpunk 2077

To be honest, Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t really give us a ton to go off of as far as how exactly we’ll be playing this game, but it’s safe to say that CD Projekt Red gave us an awesome peek into the world of the game. It looks as insane as a Neal Stephenson novel, and as pretty as anything you’d expect from the creators of the beloved Witcher game series. A teaser for sure, but one we’ll gladly take.

Metro Exodus

If you’ve slept on the Metro series until now, you’re playing games wrong. It’s such a great series and this next installment will take you out of the Metro system and into the ruined world.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Ah, Kingdom Hearts 3, may you keep teasing us for decades to come. Oh! What’s that? We’ve actually gotten a release date?! Amazing. After recently playing through the Kingdom Hearts remasters on PS4, like really recently, it was the perfect time to see this trailer.

Dying Light 2

We didn’t even know we wanted a sequel to the zombie survival game Dying Light until it was announced yesterday. But, it’s one of the trailers we haven’t stopped talking about. If there was anything worth blowing the dust off of our Xbox controllers, this might be it (for those of us who never got into Halo anyway).

What were some of your favorites? Do you think we missed anything big? Let us know in the comments below, and check back for the rest of our E3 coverage!

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