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Ghost of Tsushima’s Got All That Epic Drama

The musical intros to Sony‘s biggest games continued, and the second big title of the night Ghost of Tsushima, made its blew onto the stage like a soft wind. It jumped straight into gameplay with stunning visuals as the samurai crested a small hill of a battlefield, revealing a lush landscape. This game peaked our interest when it was announced earlier in in the year, and to get some gameplay straight out of the gate was exciting.

Check out the gameplay below.

We got an up close and personal (and deadly) look at the combat, and we also saw some stealth takedowns. There is some interesting exploration involved, too. Our hero was able to traverse rooftops by climbing and swinging his way from building to building. While stealth seems to be a big part of Ghost of Tsushima, it looks like straight up confrontations can’t be avoided.

I am so pumped for this game. It’s overly dramatic, just the way you’d hope a samurai epic to be. The way the two characters were swordfighting with the sunset backlighting them was epic. Cannot wait to embody the samurai spirit when this comes out.

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