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Halo Infinite: First Thoughts

Microsoft obviously teased, and I mean TEASED, the assumed next installment in the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite, at their E3 presentation. There’s next to nothing known about this game other than it’ll be powered by a new engine called Slipspace Engine. Cool. When I say cool, I mean I trust 343 with every part of my being, so if they have this new engine, I’m all about it. Yeah, I’m a Halo superfan. I may or may not have held back tears the moment I saw Master Chief’s helmet during the teaser. What does this new engine entail? We don’t know. What will the game be like? We don’t know. We know nothing, Jon Snow.

With whatever 343 does with the multiplayer, we know it will be amazing, but my worry is based entirely on the campaign. Halo‘s campaigns have been powered by wonderful narratives, flawless gameplay, and the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana, but in Halo Guardians, 343 attempted to add different elements in the campaign that, to be frank, didn’t remotely work. The addition of “boss battles” was horribly done and made the campaign a chore rather than the past installments where the campaigns were marvelous. I truly hope that 343 learned from that mistake, and makes necessary changes for Halo Infinite. I was in the minority, and I liked that 343 had a new playable Guardian, and I liked the back and forth playtime between Locke and Master Chief. I really hope they continue that.


I will theorize that 343 wants to evolve the Halo franchise to new levels, as they attempted and did poorly with the campaign of Halo Guardians. Halo Infinite could be a huge step in 343 altering what we have come to expect from the Halo franchise. I don’t think the style or story will be greatly altered, but the focus of Microsoft at E3 in regards to Halo Infinite, was this new Slipstream Engine, which will supposedly give much more opportunities for the Halo franchise.

From the looks of the trailer, I assume that Halo Infinite will showcase new worlds and have much more exploration, which I’m okay with. Remember that at the end of Halo Guardians, UNSC Infinity had to make blind jumps to escape from Cortana. I won’t go on a long winded/typed rant about how I hate what Cortana has become, that would be dissertation length, but 343 better redeem or give a damn good explanation to why Cortana’s acting TOTALLY out of character. Yes, I know she’s probably corrupted by some Forerunner technology.

Anyways, perhaps those blind jumps will lead the Infinity to new worlds where secrets will be found that will be vital to stopping whatever Cortana has become, and as the player, we’ll be able to explore those worlds. God, that would be wonderful. I really want an RPG Halo where I’m a Guardian.

From now until we get more information, I’ll be praying that we’ll get a RPG styled Halo game powered by The Slipstream Engine. However, if Halo Infinite is another Halo-like game that is beautiful, plays well, has no boss battles, and has brilliant multiplayer, I’ll be okay with that.

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