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Last of Us: Part 2 is Still Brutal and Heart Wrenching

Audiences of the Sony press conference were somewhat confused as the beginning of the conference took place in a….church. As a very talented man with a banjo began to play the theme from The Last of Us, it became obvious that they were starting out strong with The Last of Us: Part 2

As they shifted into the trailer, it became obvious that the conference was taking place in the same room as the trailer. Pretty badass, right? It opens on a party featuring a much older Ellie and her obvious love interest. As the two women share an intimate kiss, the trailer quickly turns to the edgy, brutal gameplay we are familiar with in The Last of Us. The demo showed us the brutality of the world, the fluidity of the combat, the stellar graphics, and, most importantly, Ellie as a playable main character!

Despite how finished the gameplay in the trailer looked, a release date has yet to be announced. Unfortunately for all of us. However, Ghost of Tsushima is the next to be shown, and we are stoked! So, keep your eyes peeled for our continued E3 coverage as Sony rounds out the evening, and Nintendo takes the stage tomorrow!

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