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Quiet… Death Stranding is in the Room

Kojima’s brainchild, Death Stranding, continues to look as weird as ever in the new gameplay video we just got during Sony’s E3 event. To be honest, the event itself is turning out to be more epic than they let on earlier, and even though they are continuing to show pretty much what they promised (with a little extra thrown in here and there), it’s all blowing our minds. Our teeny, tiny, little, weird Norman Reedus baby minds.

We still haven’t gotten a release date on this Kojima mind-bender, but Death Stranding is really taking shape. I’m also a little bummed we didn’t get to see our man Mads, but a good villain should only be teased, I guess. Regardless of all of that, this game is looking beautiful. Kojima has a knack for making epic, stories, sure, but he also makes sure his games are as pretty as can be. You can almost reach out and feel Norma Reedus’ greasy hair.

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