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Sure, We’ll Play Trevor Saves the Universe

Smack in the middle of Sony’s E3 press conference, the people behind Rick and Morty got a little gameplay teaser for the new gameĀ Trevor Saves the Universe. It didn’t show a whole lot, the teaser was literally seconds long, but if it’s got anything to do with Rick and Morty, we’re in. It’s pretty much a quirky little platformer with weird characters and, most likely, a great sense of humor. The “Bathtub Guy” literally called the game a “little piece of shit,” so something tells me they might not be taking themselves too seriously.

Check out the trailer below.

Well the Bathtub Guy is dead, so there’s that! Seriously though, we’re obviously not getting a blockbuster here with Trevor Saves the Universe, but this game will probably be a fun little departure from some of the more dramatic experiences to come. It was definitely a welcome breather during Sony’s conference.

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