Why We Don’t Deserve Bethesda

Bethesda is responsible for some of the greatest gaming experiences since its start in 1986. Elder Scrolls and the Fallout series are epic, sprawling adventures with deep lore, but they still hold the ridiculousness that Bethesda can be known for. While not always perfect, they constantly deliver with awesome experiences like Dishonored, The Evil Within, Prey, and Wolfenstein. 

And their E3 press conference was no different; it was literally an experience, which made it so much more important after the robotic conference from Microsoft. While Microsoft was focused on how “great” their collective group was, Bethesda was not only focused on their fans but on their individual creators. While it was obvious that some of the creators were a little nervous (and maybe that made them a tad awkward), their genuine passion and excitement for their projects always came through. And I would rather see that any day than a well-polished spokesperson.

Starting the conference with the band from Rage 2‘s trailer was a genius move, although it was obvious the crowd didn’t necessarily think so. But why not start it off with a rock band and bright lights? This is the biggest gaming conference of the year, and that’s supposed to be fun! I feel like it’s easy to forget that, but, thankfully, Bethesda is always ready to remind us of the true nature of our community.


Reading the comments online is honestly a little heartbreaking. “Waste of money and time.” “Make it stop.” “Just reveal something already.” Bethesda put on a show; they wanted to entertain, excite, and show-off the amazing things they have been making. People complained last year about their short conference, and they still aren’t happy with all the obvious thought that went into their mindblowing conference for E3 2018. As someone who is super excited for Rage 2 already, I thought the band was a super way of getting everyone pumped up for the gameplay reveal.

And say what you will about their conference, but they are obviously listening to their fans. Not many developers or publishers would have the ability to make fun of themselves quite like Bethesda did. As much as we love Skyrim, even they realized that enough is enough. Their skit with Keegan Michael Key was hilarious, and I love that they actually put so much time and effort into trolling themselves. Good on you, Todd Howard.

The one thing I couldn’t believe more than anything else was how upset the internet was over the lack of information for Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield…What?? After everything that they did announce, the internet still wasn’t content just knowing it was in development? We’re getting Fallout 76 this year; Doom: Eternal promises even more carnage and demons; Rage 2 looks like the ridiculous shooter that we desperately need; and that’s not even all that they announced. They gave us all this amazing content, but people are so focused on the information we didn’t get.

I think it was a huge move for the fans, in general, to even show what they did of Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield. But Todd Howard, and the rest of the great people at Bethesda, wanted us to know we were being heard and that they were, in fact, in development. And honestly, the teasers were just the cherry on top after what was an amazing conference full of exciting titles and expansions.

So, let’s all talk a moment to say “thank you, Bethesda,” and to just be excited for what they did show us! Keep having fun. Keep showing us your creators. Keep being your epic, ridiculous selves!

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