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Battletoads, Huh? We See You Microsoft…

Teasers are my least favorite part of E3. I mean, in the midst of all the awesome reveals and gameplay trailers, why should I even get excited for a mere title of a game and nothing else? It’s usually a huge psychological nostalgia play, and it’s not fair. Here’s the thing though. I do get excited for teasers. I get excited a lot. And bringing out Battletoads?! The mere mention of the word swells my fist into a giant, green punching machine.

If you’ve played Battletoads back in the day, the site of that blue air-jet-ski-mobile should strike joy and fear in your heart. They are death machines, and the high-speed third level of Battletoads is actual hell. I really hope that this reboot doesn’t shy away from that same degree of difficulty that the original was known for, because it’s all part of the experience.

As I said, this was just a super teaser, totally on par with Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls 6 announcement, giving players literally nothing other than a “hey, here’s a thing we’re making.” However, we did get a 2019 release date for Battletoads, so that’s actually pretty awesome. It’s a bummer that it’s Xbox exclusive, but Sony can’t have all the goods, I guess.

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