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What Excatly Will Starfield Be, Anyway?

During Bethesda’s E3 conference, we all got blown away and left with tons of things to think about. Fallout 76 is close on the horizon with a wealth of possibilities, Wolfenstein Youngbloods is coming soon and will continue the alt-history epic, and Elder Scrolls 6 is confirmed as in development. Like, what?! Let’s be honest, we knew all of those titles were getting more installments at some point in the future, so the most mysterious reveal of the night was a completely knew IP from Bethesda. It’s called Starfield, and nobody knows anything about it yet.

Just the same as Elder Scrolls 6, we literally know nothing about Starfield. Actually, we probably know less about Starfield, given we’ve enjoyed the Elder Scrolls world for years now. We all now that Bethesda has a certain single-player style that the bring to Fallout and Elder Scrolls, their two biggest franchises that are very similar in play-style and the player’s interaction with the world, but very different in genre and content. However, Bethesda publishes a whole mess of other titles that are wildly different, so what will it be?

My money is on Starfield resembling Fallout or Elder Scrolls but sci-fi. The big signifier for this is that there are no other developers’ names shown during the reveal trailer, just Bethesda, so we’re not looking at something that Bethesda is merely publishing, but also developing, and that is so awesome. Todd Howard usually doesn’t reveal things during E3 unless Bethesda is developing it themselves, so for me, it’s always a big deal when that guy takes the stage, because I can count on seeing what will most likely be the games that will consume me for the next several years.

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