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Farmhand #1 Review

Title: Farmhand #1

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Rob Guillory

Artist: Rob Guillory and Taylor Wells

Release Date: July 11, 2018

TL;DR: Farmhand #1 is a story of a son attempting to reconnect with his farmer/scientist father on their long-held family farm. Then implant topics such as gene modification, well-timed jokes, wonderful artwork, and you have Farmhand.

Story and Writing

For starters, the first issue of Farmhand is clever and witty at every turn. In 47 years some college professor named Dr. Witman will teach a class called Wit and The Indulgence of Cleverness 2290 and use this issue as an example. Many times I had to lean back and laugh or shake my head in a jealous rage. The comical tones really carry the story throughout the issue, and I am very okay with that.

The characters are very believable and relatable, which is vital in a story that will require the reader to suspend disbelief. Many times I thought to myself, “yeah I would say or do exactly that,” which I often think comics in general struggle with. When I read a comic, I want to feel as though the characters are as realistic as possible in an unrealistic world, and that is exactly what Farmhand gives.

As I said, the story itself is pretty crazy which fits with the comedic tone, but holy heck, the serious themes are brilliantly transposed throughout. It touches on real scientific issues that all of humanity are dealing with, and will deal with more as time progresses. Not to mention real relationship issues that everyone will understand. The balance between comedy and seriousness was right on, and I was able to navigate the story with ease and enjoyment.


I will preface this with if you enjoy powering through comics to read the story you will miss out on so much in Farmhand. For starters, it is a very pretty comic, but in nearly each panel there is a little fun joke or situational art that you should (have to) find, and when you do it is totally worth it. The subtleness of each panel is wonderful and made me desire to study each panel to find the little bits of brilliance.

Final Thoughts on Farmhand #1

Rating: 5 out of 5

I really, REALLY, liked Farmhand #1. The moment I can read the next issue, I will be reading it. I hate to do this, but I really do not have any issues with the first issue of Farmhand. I can see how in further issues the story may get completely out of control, in a hopefully good way, but it is not there yet. Farmhand may not be for everyone, but if you are into issues of humanity going too far with science, and having a good laugh than Farmhand is catered directly to you.


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