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My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies Coming Soon

When I was a teenager first getting into rock music, there’s something I realized pretty quickly: all of my idols were high as hell. For better or worse, in most circumstances, rock legends had a knack for getting wrapped up in bad business. I may be naive, but it’s a phenomenon that seems less prevalent in modern rock culture. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, creators of Kill or Be Killed and Criminal, intend to take us back to a time when the only good musicians we knew were partying very, very hard. Their new graphic novel, to be published by Image Comics, is called My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies and is headed our way October 16, 2018.


In true Brubaker/Phillips fashion, the story isn’t just about doped-up rock legends, but will also be a crime drama. Ellie, who idolizes famous drug addicts, finds herself in a rehabilitation center where things start to get a little weird. Like murder weird. This is a big one for Brubaker and Phillips, being a graphic novel instead of a regularly published, long-running comic series. It’ll be printed on a beautiful hardcover book, like god intended comics to be read.

“Sean and I have been talking about doing our version of a romance comic for a long time, so naturally it ended up being a crime story, too. But it’s one that allows me to mine some of my own pop culture obsessions and delve back into my teen years and the kind of trouble you can only get into when you’re young,…” –Brubaker.
Basically, this creator duo is a powerhouse in comics (and they’ve done great work in other mediums as well. Brubaker is a writer on Westworld, so yeah.) I can’t wait till we get our hands on My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies later this year.

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