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Will Supergiant Games Announce A New Game Soon?

Supergiant Games, makers of three of the best indie titles you’ve ever played, haven’t announced a new project in a little while. Their last release, Pyre, was literally one of the best games I’ve ever played. Now, I know E3 is over, and that would have been the time to announce something new, but it seems like Supergiant is gearing up for some news. Why do I think that? Well, they’ve recently started up a fresh newsletter, the Supergiant Blast, as well as a Discord server. Could they be about to reveal the next best indie game soon?

News from Supergiant Games has been relatively slow, with the last update on their pages being a sale for the Ti’zo plush figure from Pyre (super cute). Now, with this new Supergiant Blast starting up out of nowhere, it seems like the studio is on the verge of introducing their next game, which they pretty much confirmed they are working on.

“We’ve been in that special, quiet phase between projects, though we look forward to sharing out latest with you just as soon as we’re ready!” – Grek Kasavin

So, clearly they are working on something new, but just aren’t far enough along yet to reveal it. We’ve known they’ve been cooking something up for a little while, though, because back in March their blog put out a calling for a 2D Environment Artist and a 3D Character Artist. We can only imagine that they’ve found talented people to fill the role (while we all sit around and wish we went to college for digital art), and that they’ve been busy making my next favorite game.

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