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Death Orb Coming from Dark Horse this Fall

Post-apocalyptic fiction will never go away. Just when you think you’ve read the greatest lone-survivor story, another one pops up. I, for one, love it. It’s a genre I’m always drawn to, thanks to growing up on the Mad Max movies and playing too much Fallout. I’ve read somewhere before that book publishers will not even open up post-apocalyptic manuscripts sent to them anymore, so thank the good, highly radiated lord for comic books! Death Orb, a new comic coming from Dark Horse Comics, comes this October.

Death Orb is penned by Ryan Ferrier, and the art is created by Alejandro Aragon with colors by Chris O’Halloran. It’s being described briefly as “in the vein of Mad Max,” which I think is pretty unavoidable when it comes to the genre. Readers will follow Rider, the main character, as he fights his way across a wasteland destroyed by war, looking for his wife and son. There is a “death cult” running amok in the world, so expect tons of zealots and insane wasteland survivors. 

I will say, while I’m definitely excited for this book, a little of it sounds somewhat cliche. The leader of the “death cult” goes by the name “Father,” which has kind of been done countless times when it comes to naming cult leaders, most recently in Far Cry 5. Also, the search for the wife and son is a little reminiscent of some other stories as well. This isn’t a bad thing, hopefully Ryan Ferrier plays with these genre tropes in a new and unique way, making Death Orb his own and giving us a story that becomes another great installment in one of the best genres of fiction out there. 

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