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Detention Developer Red Candle Games Teases Devotion

The development team behind the terrifying side-scroller Detention, Red Candle Games, recently released a teaser trailer for their newest project, DevotionLittle is shown in the trailer below, but there is enough here to catch your interest. Old infomercials and a talk show blare from a television set as the camera slowly pans back to an empty room.

Set in the 1980’s, Devotion centers around a religious Taiwanese family of three. The synopsis is as follows:

Explore the nostalgic house in the 80s where religion plays a significant role in their daily life. When one day the same house that once filled with joy and love had turned into a hell-like nightmare, and by venturing in the haunted and confined space, each puzzle leads you closer to the mysteries nested deep inside.

It looks like Devotion will closely follow its predecessor, Detention, in style and gameplay. Red Candle Games focuses on a deeper sense of terror that moves past simple jump scares and gore. Detention is thick with tension and anxiety that delves into political fear and young, confused love. We can only hope to see a similar type of horror in their new project.


Devotion will still act as a point-and-click sidescroller with thoughtful puzzles, but this will be animated in 3D versus 2D. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know at the moment, and a release window has yet to be announced. Detention was the perfect horror title for the Switch, and I’m really hoping to get my hands on this soon!

Are you looking forward to Devotion? Let us know in the comments below, and keep checking back to Level 3 News for your gaming and comic needs!

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