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Diablo 3 Switch is the Perfect Console Edition

So many console editions have come to pass, and I’ve wanted a many of them. The problem is, it’s hard to justify purchasing another PS4, Xbox One, etc. However, the recent unveiling of the Diablo 3 Switch is the one and only time that I started reaching for my wallet, thinking, “maybe I do need another Switch?” Check it out Diablo 3 Eternal Collection, releasing November 4, in all its glory.

Diablo 3 is arguably one of the best games out there. The replayability is near infinite. The mere fact that the Switch port exists is enough to have players looking forward to creating yet another character from scratch, but the added bonus of being able to look like Ganandorf? It’s almost too much to handle. The bonus of containing every update and add-on that the game has received to date makes this purchase even juicier.

Regardless of whether I spring for the console edition or simply pick up the Switch port so that I can play it on the go remains to be seen. But, needless to say, if you haven’t bothered to pick up a Switch yet, and you have some sort inkling of Diablo fan inside of you, it’s a no brainer. It is the perfect time to grab a Switch, what with the recent steady stream of some pretty great Nindies and first-party releases. Plus, who doesn’t want to sink another lifetime into Diablo 3?

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