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The Quiet Man Really Snuck Up On Me

Somehow, with all of the hype that was E3 2018, I missed a little game called The Quiet Man, which, to my surprise, is coming out November 1 on PS4 and Steam from Square Enix. The title will be available only digitally, with no physical release planned, and has no price set as of yet. The cool, and maybe terrible, thing about the game is, you can complete it in one sitting, but if the trailer below is any indication, it will be a very pretty, and mostly “soundless,” affair.

The game focuses around events that take place during one single night. There’s been a kidnapping, a beautiful songstress is gone, and Dane must unravel the mystery. The catch is, Dane is a deaf hero. Not sure if that disrupts or enhances his ability to solve such a mystery, but definitely has some mystique to it in regards to gameplay. It’s 2018, and tons of work goes into the sound design of any game these days, so who knows how The Quiet Man intends to undermine gamers’ expectations.

As stated above, there is a solid release date, but no price stated that’s easily found. The game will be releasing on Steam and PSN, but a quick check to both pages shows no price for The Quiet Man either (PSN doesn’t even show the release date as of this writing).

Stating that the game can be completed in one sitting really has me concerned not only about the quality, and obviously the replayability, but also the price. I would imagine that no game from a major studio would release for less than $25, regardless of the length. However, that raises some questions about what we’ll be getting. Huge games come out often, promising and delivering hundreds of hours of gameplay, and they cost $60. For a game to be about half of that, they would at least have to match half of the value for it to be okay with gamers in concern of their wallets.

We’ll follow up soon when the price is announces, but for now, stay tuned to Level 3 News for more great game coverage.

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