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Civilization VI for Nintendo Switch is a Dream Come True

I’m a console gamer for many reasons, not least of all because I’m technologically impaired and building/maintaining a gaming PC terrifies me. I’ve missed out on many a proper Civilization installment because of this. All of them, actually. Civilization Revolution is clearly amazing, but I’ve always known the better experience lie elsewheres unattainable. That’s why I can barely contain myself when I hear that Civilization VI is coming to Switch on November 16!

In what seems to be an unprecedented port to a console that has never seen a Civilization game, Civ VI will indeed be playable on the Nintendo Switch November 16, and it’s bringing with it some new bonus content as well: four new packs for Switch player to enjoy, including a Vikings Scenario, Poland Civilization and Scenario, Australia  Civilization and Scenario, and Persia and Macedon Civilization and Scenario.

Now, I’ve already admitted that I’m less than knowledgable about the details of the numbered Civilization games, but according to this news piece by Firaxis, it looks like all of the other content and updates that Civilization VI has gotten since its release will be coming along to the Switch as well. Everyone loves a solid port, and the fact that they usually come bearing all of the fruits of the originals is something to appreciate, especially with a title as unique as this. Dark Souls port? Good. Diablo port? Gooder. Civilization VI port? Goodest.

The Switch is just gaining so much credibility lately that it’s just insane, and the fact that you can take Civ VI with you out and about is nuts. I’m not really a game-on-the-go type because I simply don’t really go anywhere that would necessitate bringing my Switch along with me, but I could see never leaving it by my side for this. I wouldn’t say that I’m more excited for this news than the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, but I wouldn’t say I’m less excited either.

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