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Night is Coming Might Be the Building Simulator for Me

I wanted so bad to like Surviving Mars. Not because I love building sims—I definitely don’t and that should’ve been a sign—but because I just wanted to get into a game, build a civilization, and watch it go. I played a bit of Sim City as a kid, never really breaking into the later installments. I love Civilization Revolution, but always lacked the powerful PC to play the proper Civ games. Surviving Mars was too much to handle for me, but maybe Night is Coming will be different?

Night is Coming, a game currently featured in the Square Enix Collective, is a “survival, building and development simulation in a fantasy world.” The game doesn’t just require players to build and maintain fantasy settlements, but also protect them from monster attacks and disasters. There is a slight narrative playing out, too, where players are moving settlers to new lands, with new threats, to uncover how to save the world.

So far, two modes are planned: Campaign Mode and Hero Mode. It isn’t exactly clear how similar or long the different modes will be, but Hero Mode looks to be the meatier of the two. A brief description on the games Square Enix Collective page tells more.

“Hero mode allows you to explore the world to find secrets, elemental spirits and skill masters—they will help you improve the settlement and make it stronger. In the Hero mode you can also fight all the monsters by yourself in a top-down view.”

One of my main detriments to games like Kerbal Space Program and Surviving Mars is that they’re just too damn real. Science, technology and physics abound in those games, and there is quite a lot too it. I couldn’t get a rocket off the ground in Kerbal, and I realized Surviving Mars is too intricate during the tutorial. I’m looking for something fun, but slightly more dumbed down than those games, and maybe, simply by matter of the technology available, Night is Coming will be less… I don’t know… technological?

Night is Coming is currently in the Square Enix Collective, awaiting your votes to get the game made. After making it out of the Collective, it’ll look for funding, usually via Kickstarter, where the game details and graphics will hopefully be fully realized. Check it out, support it and look for it in the future.


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