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Sean Bean Slated to Die, Yet Again, in Hitman 2

Everyone knows that Sean Bean dies. All the time. He’s kind of famous for being an excellent actor who stars as some pretty high-profile characters. And those characters always die. Now, Sean Bean will star in Hitman 2 as the game’s first Elusive Target, solely for the purpose of the player hunting him down and killing him. Once again, Sean Bean will die, at the hands of many in Hitman 2 releasing November 13th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Hitman 2 is the follow up to Hitman, the series reboot. The game was great, and it put players in the shoes of Agent 47, hunting targets at exclusive fashion shows and shady underground facilities. Once again, players will be disguising themselves as helicopter mechanics, bartenders and delivery men, tracking down high-class targets and killing them on toilets. One can only hope that we’ll get to kill Sean Bean on a toilet, too.

Elusive Targets are time-sensitive missions in the Hitman games where a target will only be available for a limited time. If players fail their attempt at assassinating the Elusive Target, the contracted hit expires. Basically, each player only has one chance to assassinate Sean Bean, so use it wisely. Bean will take on the role of Mark Faba, who looks to be no easy target. He is a “former MI5 agent turned freelance assassin.” He’s also monikered “The Undying,” and is “a master at faking his own death,” a little meta joke about Bean’s career and it’s tendency to lead him toward characters that die.

The first Elusive Target event is scheduled to open up to players November 20th, which is a week after the game’s release. It will only be live for 10 days, so if you fail to hunt down Mark Faba in Miami at the Global Innovation Race event within the allotted time, he’ll escape. You don’t want to be the person that allowed Sean Bean to live. The universe doesn’t allow it.

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