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Skelattack Gets a Nice Demo and New Details

Ah, dungeon crawling, the gamer’s pastime. There’s nothing quite like it. Actually, neither is Skelattack, an upcoming un-dungeon crawler from Ukuza. They’ve been touting out some peeks and details about Skelattack for awhile now, but now they’ve given us that all too uncommon animal, a demo, which you can download here. It’s totally worth checking out if you’ve got a PC or Mac.

Skelattack is currently in development for Steam and Xbox, and also Nintendo Switch, cuz duh. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s basically a reverse dungeon crawler. Skully is an enchanted skeleton. Imber is his talking bat sidekick. Together they raid their dungeon home in order to kill dungeon-crawling intruders. It’s charming, it’s fun, and it’s *dun-dun-dun*, rogue-like. Check out the announcement trailer below.

According to a press release on, Ukuza has implemented loads of improvements across the board. Environments have been enhanced with better parallaxing for gameplay and depth, boss fights are “multi-phase” and have more consequences if you fail, and there have even been new areas and characters added for story purposes. Skelattack definitely seems to be coming along well.

We’re currently playing through the demo ourselves, so we’ll let you know our thoughts as soon as we’ve spent some time with it. Let us know if you’ve decided to give it a go and what you think of this charming little rogue-like!

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