Snakebyte Head:Set S for Nintendo Switch Prompted by Fortnite Success

Finally, Snakebyte is giving us an ideal headset for the Switch. The portability of the Switch is one the console’s biggest appeals, and yet most solid, professional headsets are bulky and unwieldy for gaming on the go. Snakebyte is remedying that with the Head:Set S, a sleek professional gaming headset that will do the job and won’t be a burden to carry with you. You’d think the Switch merely existing, and also having huge success, would be enough for any company to design hardware for it, but no, this mostly happened because of Fortnite.

Here’s some quick details of Snakebyte’s HeadSet S.

  • $19.99 price point
  • High-power 40mm Neodymium drivers
  • Flexible, accurate and removable boom mic
  • Padded, noise reducing ear cups
  • Adjustable cable (1.5 meters to 4.5 meters)
  • Compatible via wired connection with the Switch and through the Nintendo Switch Online app for your phone.

Snakebyte USA CEO, Nick Repenning, hasn’t been shy about Fortnite’s Switch success being a huge influence on creating the Head:Set S. He quotes the download numbers and continued popularity among Switch gamers as reason for the Head:Set S, but doesn’t also makes sure to include non-Fortnite gamers as well.

Our Head:Set S is ideal for all Switch software, but gamers looking to gain the winning edge in battle royale games like Fortnite™ know how essential clear chat is to the gaming experience. We’re confident that the comfort, superb audio quality and remarkable affordability of the Head:Set S will prove a winning combination for Switch gamers everywhere, allowing us to grow our market share in this competitive segment.”

It’s not clear whether the Fortnite name-drop is meant solely as a marketing tactic, or if the Battle Royale game actually was a huge influence, but we are certain that a decent headset is needed for the Switch. Either way, thanks Snakebyte.

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