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The Colonists Released on Steam Today

I’ve written before about my struggle with settlement builders. The more intricate they get, the more scientific they get, the less I can stick with it. It’s not that I don’t want to—I try out as many titles as I can—but I always inevitably realize it’s not my genre. The problem is, I want it to be so bad! That’s why I’ve got high hopes for The Colonists, releasing today on SteamYou can even pick it up now at 10% off for $22.49.

The Colonists is a very charming little building sim that features a horde of tiny self-replicating robots. There’s sheep, there’s fish, there’s teepees—everything that you wouldn’t expect robots to be playing with. That’s part of the charm, because although there are indeed robots colonists, they build what look to be primitive settlements. It’s looked great for awhile now, so there’s every reason to give it a go right now. The animation and atmosphere in the game is a huge appeal—it is just lit so well and features a landscape that just begs to be colonized.

The thing that turns me off to most building games is the intricacy involved, and more closely, the realism. Connecting power lines, running fuel here or there, having an up-to-code sewer system—it starts to be too much work. I just want to build a cool place filled with friendship and wonder! Is that too much to ask? Hopefully Colonists is the one that finally fits my needs.

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