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Fallout 76 Beta Screenshots – Power Armor Abounds

Well, the beta for Fallout 76 is live for Xbox One players, and soon to follow on the 30th for PS4. If you’re like, me, you’re waiting for the latter, and not very patiently. Luckily for us, there are bunch of screenshots for us to drool over while we wait. They feature some awesome locales, fearsome beasts and lots of power armor. Check out all 19 official screenshots.

I’ve always felt like power armor was somewhat of a burden in Fallout. In Fallout 4, for example, while you’re obviously more powerful in a suit, as soon as I would find a frame, I felt obligated to drop what I was doing, fast-travel back to my home-settlement, and drop it off. It always kind of took me out of the game and felt like wasted time. I would only ever really do it because I knew how valuable the armor was, and yet, even so, I would only ever use one suit when I needed it.

Luckily, we know that it works a little differently in Fallout 76, thanks to an article on IGN, so maybe it will be less burdensome. Either way, it looks like Bethesda wants to feature power armor as a big appeal. Considering the idea of PvP, one might only be able to survive a true encounter with another vault dweller with a suit of power armor in their arsenal. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

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