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Overload Now Available on PS4 Ahead of Xbox One

Overload, the spiritual successor to Descent, is now available on PS4. While there’s not a release date, the game will also come to Xbox One soon. The game had mostly positive reviews upon its release on PC, which warranted the port, and there’s no doubt the game will do well among zero-G shooter fans on console as well. It’s highly repayable, has a deep single-player campaign and more axes of rotation than you’d ever need.

Overload is currently $29.99, which is the perfect price point for a port like this. It’s obviously going to be instantly overshadowed by all of the AAA releases coming up literally just around the corner. It might be a great little experience right before those games are available. Here’s a quick rundown of some features in Overload.

  • 15 level single-player campaign plus secret level
  • Numerous level challenges including lava, forcefields, lockdowns, ambushes, and secret room
  • 20 terrifying robot enemies, plus Super-Robots and Variants and three bosses armed with customized AI giving them unique personality and combat behavio
  • Multiplayer with public and private matches
  • Challenge Mode with 12 levels and Infinite and Countdown variants that alter the focus of play
  • Story by the writer of FreeSpace 2 with fully-voiced audio (English Only)
  • Adrenaline-pumping soundtrack
  • Achievements/Trophies and Leaderboards
  • Upgrades and XP system and advanced player stats
  • Automap and Holo-guide for navigation assistance
  • Save almost anywhere
  • Six difficulty levels ranging from a casual challenge to very punishing
  • Surround sound audio options
  • Optional training level for refining your piloting skills
  • Interface and subtitles available in: English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian

These are the kind of games that can draw you in and let you get insanely good at the mechanics inherent to the game. I absolutely loved Resogun, one of the first games available for PS4, so Overload looks like it might require some of the same intense shooting skills. I’m just glad it’s not on VR right now, because that’s the kind of stuff to make you sick.

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