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Woodpunk Releasing this Month

Steampunk. Cyberpunk. Woodpunk. Not in that order, exactly. I’m down for any game and/or genre with a punk thrown in there, and that goes double for Woodpunk, announced for November 22nd on PC. It’s a roguelike, as is almost every other indie games these days, but that shouldn’t turn you away. It’s fast paced, it’s local co-op and has over 1400 weapons.

If you haven’t been following Woodpunk, it’s definitely your more chaos-infused roguelike. Tons of enemies swarm the player, tons of weapons destroy those enemies and tons of explosions follow in the wake. It’s a twitch-reflex type of game, so if that’s your thing, you should be excited. Check out the game trailer below for a sensory overload.

I’ve never not professed my love for amazing pixel art, and I’m not about to start. Woodpunk has some awesome art. Everything in the environment is destructible, so there lots of pixel blow-ups, but what I really like is the character designs and animations. There are so many games that try to pass off bad pixel character desings, but this game is not one of them. There is nothing more beautiful about a pixel-animated character than some good old hair bouncing. The main character, Aquinas, has some of the bounciest you can find.

Woodpunk has been in development for a little while now, so it’s awesome to see a Steam release just a couple weeks away. It’s also scheduled for an early 2019 release on Xbox One and PS4, so console players rejoice. Honestly, I’m a little surprised not to see a Switch release in there, since almost all Indies are flocking to the console, and rightly so. There’s something special about taking Nindies on the go. It gives them a special feeling that you don’t get from seeing that same game go live on the Playstation Store. Either way, though, we’re gonna enjoy some Woodpunk as soon as possible.

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