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Toast Time: Smash Up! Announcement Trailer

We may never get a Brave Little Toaster open-world RPG, like we need and deserve, but at least we’ll have Toast Time: Smash Up! It comes out for the Nintendo Switch on November 16th, and if you preorder now, you can get 10% off. It’s basically a game of hectic, bread-shooting madness, with both single-player missions and local multiplayer arenas. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot your friends in the face with a baguette, Toast Time: Smash Up! can let you live that dream. Check out the trailer below.

If you haven’t played the original Toast Time, the game was really innovative in terms of the movement mechanics, which are based on recoil propulsion. Players looking to fire crumpets at one another must first align themselves by shooting in the opposite direction, and using the recoil to move them into position. It makes for some interesting gameplay.

There’s actually a really out-there background story featuring inter-dimensional time-blobs and the toasters that destroy them. It’s just as crazy as you’d need for a game like this. The art is really cool, too. As a fan of anything retro, the more pixel-y the better. It’s always amazing to me that indie games like Toast Time: Smash Up! are in the unique situation which allows them to deliver really great products, with interesting gameplay mechanics, and feature art that at once looks very simple, yet tugs at your nostalgic heartstrings. It’s an amazing time to be an indie developer, because this niche could never be a thing without the AAA titles to match them up against.

Look for Toast Time: Smash Up! on November 16th and let us know how you like it. We’ll be beating our friends to death with an assortment of bread also.

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