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Battle Princess Madelyn is Finally Releasing Next Month

If you’re into retro indies, phantom dogs and badass princesses, December 6th is a good day to be alive. That’s the day Battle Princess Madelyn releases on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam. It’s even going to be available on Wii U and PS Vita! Casual Bit Games has been working hard on this project for awhile now, and it really shows in every way. Check out the release date announcement trailer below!

I can’t stress enough how fun this game looks. Not only is the narrative one that truly beckons any fantasy lover, the throwback style, one that harkens back to a simpler time, is exquisite. For sure, style is the number one design aspect that indie developers need to utilize in order to garner a following and an audience. Of course, you need great gameplay, obviously, but if the style isn’t there as well, then it’s easy to pass up a title. That’s not something Battle Princess Madelyn has to worry about, because it oozes retro nostalgia.

We’ll be jumping into Battle Princess Madelyn as soon as we’re able. It’ll be a nice respite from the slow-but-sweet shamble of Red Dead Redemption 2, and will likely be a safe haven from the post-apocalyptic perils of Fallout 76. Stay tuned to Level 3 News for an upcoming review!

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