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Borderlands 2 VR Bundle Looks Very Enticing

I’ve been pretty hesitant to get PS VR. The biggest reason is my fear that it’ll make me sick—I get nauseous riding shotgun in a car sometimes. The idea of spinning my head around in a virtual world is one that I’m not sure I can handle, no matter how much I want that experience. The second reason is price, because if I can’t play it for long, or for some reason it becomes another gimmicky device cluttering my house, I’d be sorry I spent the money on it. That’s why the new Borderlands 2 VR and Beat Saber Bundle has me torn. It releases December 14th at $349.99.

I love the Borderlands franchise. I played through the titles somewhat recently in the Handsome Collection, and I wouldn’t be against going through Borderlands 2 again in VR. Like I said, I’ve been hesitant with VR, mostly because of the motion sickness thing, and even though I want to experience Pandora virtually, it seems like the kind of game that would lend itself to queasiness. I mean, there’s a lot of flashy things going on in Borderlands 2, and just recalling the more intense shootouts in the game brings to mind images of head-spinning that worry me.

Regardless, this is exactly the kind of bundle that PSVR needed to pull me in. It’s still a little pricey, considering I can have a great experience with Borderlands 2 in a more traditional way, so I’m not sure if I’m sold yet. Plus, the idea of Beat Saber thrown in doesn’t really do anything for me either. There are 340 PS VR game according to Playstation’s article, so it’s not a worthless buy, but I’ve never heard anyone going crazy over PS VR in literally any conversation I’ve ever had. But, Borderlands 2 VR might change all of that.

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