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Biomutant Gameplay is Impressive

THQ Nordic has kept pretty quiet concerning their upcoming game, Biomutant. As far as news goes, it’s been pretty sparse. Now, however, THQ has released a very pretty gameplay video, highlighting tons of little wonders, and it’s definitely been worth the wait. Biomutant is looking very detailed, very strange and very good. It’s set to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 31st of 2019. 

Whether you’ve been following Biomutant’s development or not (and like I stated, if you have, there hasn’t been much to go on), you have to be pleased with what THQ Nordic is showing off in this gameplay reel. Beautiful but haunting landscapes beg to be explored by semi-rodent mutants, the crazy combination of character design and Wushu martial arts creates a strangely inviting aesthetic and, in case you didn’t notice, you can take out large mutants AT-AT style from the back of a multi-tailed antlered thing.

Honestly, this game wasn’t really on my personal radar as a must-play, but after seeing this trailer, I’m all in. This will release right around the same time as From’s Sekiro, so when I need a break from the brutal punishment that game’s sure to offer, it might be nice to roam a mutant wasteland for awhile. And since Fallout 76 has been mostly a let-down, Biomutant and Mutant Year Zero are really the only way to do so.

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