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Marshmellow Day Spa is Adorably Cozy

After the craziness of the holiday season, everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation. Including the marshmallows that bring Swiss Miss and Rice Krispies to a whole new level.

The team at Illumine Games wanted to grant marshmallows a little peace and serenity with their newest project, Marshmellow Day Spa. The premise is pretty simple, “Become a marshmallow with one mission: making the perfect hot cocoa bath for other marshmallows who seek a relaxed escape from the busy marshmallow life.”

This adorable, winter adventure was created in three days for Winter Jam 2019, a game developing contest where creators have 72 hours to create, establish, and develop a playable video game. This year’s Winter Jam theme was hot chocolate, and Illumine did the theme justice.

Marshmellow Day Spa is an adorably cozy way to spend a winter’s night, jumping platforms and collecting ingredients for the perfect tub of hot chocolate. The music and the simple animation pair together to create a squeal-inspiring, charming good time, but why take my word for it?

Marshmellow Day Spa is available as a free download on the game’s page! And it just as adorable as it looks. So far, fans are hoping to see more from the development team. So, one can only hope! But, in the mean time, I’m suddenly craving some hot chocolate….

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